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hair transformation ♡

Here is where Magie started at. Her last appointment was in September and we did a heavy highlight with 2 panels of Pulpriot's Cupid and Jam (pink/purple) all over her hair. Now it's January 14th and this is how her hair faded and grew out (click the pictures to enlarge):

Fashion colors usually stick to where the hair is the healthiest, i.e. the back of her head where we highlight the least. Her goal was to be as blonde as possible with a good grow out and the least amount of fading (she usually does fashion colors, so now we are sticking with just blonde). Just an FYI, this process took about 7 hours. Here we go.

hair after bleach rinse

Since her hair spouts out of her head, I had to deal with 4ish inches of virgin black hair. We first did a bleach rinse of Light Masters bleach 1:3 with 10vol developer. Slapped it on at the shampoo bowl and watched it until the pink lifted out. Took around 30-45 mins. We shampooed and dried her hair.


hair babylighted & painted ends

We then highlighted with 30vol & olaplex starting in the back and moved to 35/40vol & olaplex in the front. I did babylights all over and went back and painted her ends that were left out. Highlighting took about 2.5 hours to do her whole head. We let it process to pale yellow.


We shampooed with Fanola No Yellow shampoo and let her sit in Olaplex for around 15 minutes. Rinsed, dried. Why she has yellow in her ends still baffles me because she dyed her hair herself about 2 years ago with layers and layers of Red Cherry Brown from Sally's. We worked SO HARD to get it all out, but it was stuck in her ends and refused to lift to pale. But it should all be out by now??? Maybe I just wasn't patient enough. I don't know. Anyways.

Here's her dried. I did 3 separate colors for her roots, mids, and ends. I use Logics and Color Sync colors by Matrix.

Roots: 7N-Full logics, with 3 drops of pure pigment blue

Midshaft: 7A/10N color sync

Ends: 10A/10V/clear color sync

Processed for 20 mins.


Tada! Here she is curled and ready to GO. We used Kevin Murphy BODY.BUILDER mousse at her roots and YOUNG.AGAIN oil all over the rest of her hair. Curled with 1 1/4 curling iron.

Highlights in foils tend to be pretty harsh against black hair so the shadow root helps with the grow out and blends any highlight lines. It also creates a nice sun kissed effect as if she had a naturally lighter base and went to the beach. ;)


back view

before⇑ ♡♡♡♡ after

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